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The Wedding (Expanded Edition) Vinyl  Double LP [SMLXL EXCLUSIVE]

The Wedding

The Wedding (Expanded Edition) Vinyl Double LP [SMLXL EXCLUSIVE]

$ 29.98



The Wedding 2LP contains songs never before released-Two Face,Children Of The Dead, Alternate Ending and Thanks But No Thanks.  These songs were demos for the band's next record, but were not used.

A new vinyl only cover will be announced soon.


Side A

1. Morning Air
2. Move The City
3. This Time I'm Learning
4. Wake The Regiment
5. One Eye Open

Side B

6. Price For Love
7. Death By Xanga
8. 479 Hxc
9. Joyride
10. But A Breathe

Side C

11. Water Under The Bridge
12. Song For The Broken
13. Bleeding For Hope

Side D

14. Two Face
15. Children Of The Dead
16. Alternate Ending
17. Thanks But No Thanks



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