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Norma Jean - Polar Similar (Purple/White 2LP)

Norma Jean

Norma Jean - Polar Similar (Purple/White 2LP)

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Track Listing

A1    I. The Planet    3:03
A2    Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else    3:27
A3    Forever Hurtling Through Andromeda    2:16
A4    1,000,000 Watts    4:28
B1    II. The People    2:14
B2    Death Is A Living Partner    2:18
B3    Synthetic Sun    3:50
B4    Reaction    5:42
C1    III. The Nebula    3:16
C2    The Close And Discontent    2:34
C3    An Ocean Of War    3:28
C4    A Thousand Years A Minute    5:58
D1    IV. The Nexus    10:40

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