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dc Talk - Jesus Freak 180 Gram Black 2LP Vinyl

$ 31.99


Weight: 180 Gram 
Color: Black

Gatefold Jacket with Insert


Side A
1. So Help Me God
2. Colored People
3. Jesus Freak

Side B
4. What If I Stumble
5. Day By Day
6. Mrs. Morgan
7. Between You And Me

Side C
8. Like It, Love it, Need it
9. Jesus Freak (Reprise)
10. In The Light
11. What Have I Become?

Side D
12. Mind's Eye
13. Alas, My Love
14. Jesus Freak (Freaked Out Remix) {BONUS TRACK}
15. I Wish We'd All Been Ready (BONUS TRACK)

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