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The Wedding Combo PREORDER [Self-Titled & Polarity 2LP's] (SMLXL EXCLUSIVE)

The Wedding Combo PREORDER [Self-Titled & Polarity 2LP's] (SMLXL EXCLUSIVE)

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*********THIS IS A PREORDER*********



The Wedding 2LP contains songs never before released-Two Face,Children Of The Dead, Alternate Ending and Thanks But No Thanks.  These songs were demos for the band's next record, but were not used.

A new vinyl only cover will be announced soon.


Side A

1. Morning Air
2. Move The City
3. This Time I'm Learning
4. Wake The Regiment
5. One Eye Open

Side B

6. Price For Love
7. Death By Xanga
8. 479 Hxc
9. Joyride
10. But A Breathe

Side C

11. Water Under The Bridge
12. Song For The Broken
13. Bleeding For Hope

Side D

14. Two Face
15. Children Of The Dead
16. Alternate Ending
17. Thanks But No Thanks

Polarity Track Listing

1. The Call
2. Say Your Prayers
3. I’ll Sleep When I Am Dead

4. Staring At The Light
5. This One Is For You
6. I-540
7. It's Time To Rock, OK?
8. Rebound
9. Schizophrenia
10. The Last Stand (Wake The Regiment 2)
11. Misery Loves Company
12. Southside
13. Revelation
14. Fireworks
15. Say Your Prayers (Acoustic)

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