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Relient K

Relient K - Five Score And Seven Years Ago Vinyl Double LP (Limited Edition Orange 2LP)

$ 32.99


****New For 2021-Limited Edition Orange With Original Cover/Artwork****

Weight: Standard
Color: Trans Orange

Gatefold Jacket


Side A
1. Pleading The Fifth
2. Come Right Out And Say It
3. I Need You
4. The Best Thing

Side B
5. Forgiven
6. Must Have Done Something Right
7. Give Until There's Nothing Left
8. Devastation And Reform

Side C
9. I’m Taking You With Me
10. Faking My Own Suicide
11. Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care
12. Bite My Tongue
13. Up And Up

Side D
14. Deathbed

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